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Nepal Tourism is safe after Earthquake

Dear Travelers, our friends , Well wisher and Supprter to Nepal,

Warm greetings and regards from Adventure Pilgrims Trekking Pvt. Ltd. As after the earthquake people from different country are willing to come to Nepal for their visit and holidays but not sure if they are safe or not. So through this email we will help your decision about planning a new trip to Nepal as soon as possible and make you free from your doubts about the situation of Nepal and make sure you are safe and having a holiday and adventure in Nepal.

Our staff and our family are safe beside our house and our community been destroyed from earthquake because we are from epicenter but our life is most important to be alive than the property , we are sure that you all will help us to rebuild in Nepal with travelling with us.

The real status of TOURISM IN NEPAL after the Earthquake !!!

The international media coverage on recent earthquake somewhat supported Nepal to be known to the world in some extend but the bad news is it has also made thousands of tourists cancel already booked holiday to Nepal due to the news headline showing the damage to the country much higher than on the ground, making international people feel the entire country is at standstill and it is a no go zone.

There is no doubt loss of life and fallen homes in villages and children staying outside the school without proper food, water and sanitation will take years to rebuild. Given the facts the earthquake has only affected 2% of the total tourist areas and remaining sites are all functioning as normal. This is not only the time to visit Nepal as tourist to see mountains, learn cultures but one can be part of this great rebuilding process and live in the hearts and minds of those affected for many years to come.

In the last one month I have travelled to all 11 districts in the hit areas out of 75 districts in Nepal, which is about 10% of the total land area which has been affected and this is what we need to let the world know it's not entire country that has been affected. Nepal as a nation and people of this great society has gone through many difficult times in the past and have managed to cope, live and rebuild their lives. Given the support from within and outside the country, people of Nepal will prove to the world that they can not only rebuild their homes, school and health posts but are united in one spirit as Nepali citizens.

So here are facts and destinations where you are safe to visit and trek in Nepal :
As Nepal is divided into 14 zone and 75 districts only 10 districts are affected by earthquake so 65 districts are safe to visit and trek
As Nepal has 10 National park only one (Langtang National Park) is affected other 9 national park are safe to visit and trek.
As there are 8 unesco world heritage sites listed from Nepal 3 sites of them are 40% affected and other 5 sites are safe to visit and stay.
As for the connection of transportation there is 0% damage in Highways and sub-ways so you can travel around and get transportation connection.
As per the Nepal government authority of 35 trekking routes only 2 trekking routes of them are affected (Manaslu And Langtang) other 33 trekking routes are safe to trek and stay. There is no problem for communication cell phones, internet etc . you can communicate easily around the world.
You are safe accordingly for your health here is no viral disease so you are safe from being affected by disease.

Hospitals and clinics are safe and in operations.
90% hotels are safe we will take you to the best place so you are safe.
We are operating and working now for your holidays and adventure and contacting everytime with guide so you are safe
All the TIMS and permits counter are functioning so we can get permits so that's is a call for your vacation which makes you safe.
Our international airport and domestic Airports are safe

Nepali people want to raise again so their kindness and respect toward you is more strong so you are safe.
As these stage you can help us travelling booking trips with us for Nepal with 27 years experience team beside that you can collect and send direct funds to us to rebuild school, community and families of our staff and our.

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