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Nepal Trekking

Trekking in Nepal is another word for walking. However, the word trekking has become more well known for the kind of walking which takes you along trails winding up, down, over and around mountains.

Treks to Nepal is not mountaineering although some of the popular trails are used by mountaineering expeditions to get to their base camps. Most of the trails you will walk on are still used predominantly by Nepali people for everyday travel and trade. It is common to be passed along the way by a Nepali porter carrying lengths of corrugated roofing iron slung from a jute strap (Namlo) around the head or a sick relative being carried in a basket (Doko) in the same manner to the nearest medical facility.

Nepal Trek is a way of seeing a country and its people 'warts and all'. You will walk through the streets of cities and villages and past the open front doors of houses, you will see the people at their daily tasks, the clouds forming below you and the magnificent peaks of mountains towering over you. By trekking you will be involved in a way you could never be in a car, bus, train or aeroplane; you can enjoy the friendliness of the people, feel the magnetism of the mountains, be at one with the country and at peace with yourself. Could you ask or want for anything more? 

A Treks trip can be any length you choose. There are a number of short treks around the Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley which only take a day to complete. There are two or three day treks or treks from a week to a month. For those with the time you can combine a number of treks and spend months just walking around. Different Treks can help you to put together a trek to suit your needs at an affordable price leaving you free of any bureaucratic or logistic hassles.

Everest Base Camp Trek
4% OFF
16 Days
$1,750 $1,690
21 Days
$2,290 $2,290
Everest Gokyo Lake Trekking
6% OFF
16 Days
$1,900 $1,790
Everest Panorama View Trekking
18% OFF
9 Days
$1,690 $1,390
Renjola Pass Trekking
11% OFF
14 Days
$1,890 $1,690
Everest Three High Passes Trekking
9% OFF
20 Days
$2,390 $2,190
Everest Gokyo Chola Pass Trekking
4% OFF
16 Days
$2,590 $2,490
Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trekking
5% OFF
22 Days
$2,500 $2,390
Everest Kalapathar Trekking
11% OFF
16 Days
$1,890 $1,690
Rolwalling Trekking
8% OFF
19 Days
$2,690 $2,490
Dudh Pokhari Trekking
13% OFF
9 Days
$1,590 $1,390
Annapurna ( Sanctuary ) Base Camp Trekking
8% OFF
16 Days
$1,620 $1,500

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