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Manaslu Region Trekking

We are originally from the Manaslu Area , hence we are better than other organizations to provide you the best service and knowlege. To travel in this Restricted Area, you will need Restricted Area Permits which is available only to the Government Registered Travel Agencies such as Adventure Pilgrims Trekking Pvt. ltd.

The Manaslu Region Trekking was only opened to the foreign trekkers and travellers after the implementation of Democracy in Nepal in 1992.

In spite of the remote location and wasted climbing involved during the Manaslu Trek ,your sweat and toil will be amply rewarded with the mesmerizing scenery and fascinating cultures of the inhabitants reminds you of the people of remoteTibetan territory of the Manaslu region.The Manaslu Trekking is yet one untouched trekking trail that wades into real virgin territory where only a few dare to venture into in Nepal's vast Himalayan terrain where beauty even sometimes has its price in some unpredictable tragic circumstances where it would be better not to comprehend but even then, this does not deter the bold and the brave who thirst for the wild.

The inhabitants of this region are the direct descendants of Tibetan immigrants and this fact is evident in their attire, speech, and customs. The mountain views from Nupri are breathtaking and Larke La is one of the most impressive passes of the Himalayan region.

Manaslu Larke Pass Trekking
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