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Form a group but if interested with common view of making the trip excellence and enjoying the individual presence can take any number of clients for a group at least 2 participants required as minimum for a group and 1 for a individual tips.

E. Can you arrange a single participant trek ?
Of course, the way of how you want to trek is in your hand whatever you choose we organize. We can organize private treks, family trek, group trek, natural trek. pilgrimage trek , students group, culture exchange and many more. We do as our client choose to be done.

F. What will be the duration of our each day distance covered ?
Depending on the kind of Trip you choose and with the view point of age, health condition, willingness.we can less or add the duration of your walk how you feel comfortable. Normally soft trek walk time is 5-7 hours, moderate trek walk time is 6-8 hours and hard or strength trek walk time is 7-9 hours. We can manage the walk duration by making the trek short or long depending how you want to do it ?

G. What is mean by GAP trek ?
(Guide Accommodation and Porters) trek is a way of trekking in which you are provided with a guide to assist you with the way and to make you clear about what you need to know about the place and people, the route and many more you want to know, with a porter to support you with your things by carrying. In this trek we take care of your expenses for food and lodge.

H. What is Teahouse trek ?
Teahouse trek is suitable for small groups. In this trek you will be accommodated with mountain hut for your rest and a night stay. You will be provided with guide. porter, lodges and food. This kind of trek is less expensive than camping trek. 

I. What is FOT trek and how you organize it ?
Fully organized trek is also known as camping trek. In this trek we take the full responsibility of requirement that you will need in the way. You will be accommodated with tents for your night stay. Sirdar will be the leader for the trek. Kitchen crew for providing you health and nutritious food on the entire way. Sherpa guide to assist you with the best way to destination, porter to transfer your gear from place to place. You will be provided with a proper toilet dig by our crew with a toilet tent which our crew will take care of it at departure. The number of porter will be decreasing as the food is consumed and weight decrease. 

J. On our way what about security ?
The guides and helper we choose are very honest and reliable so they will provide with precautions and help you with everything can be. At night you should close the windows of lodge and lock the doors properly when you are out. We will recommend you to keep your valuable with or near to you on the way. Our people will take proper care of your things and your security is our first motto.

K. Are the food hygienic and what types of food are served on the trek ?
Yes we choose best lodges and hotels with good food on the trek and with the camping trek there is no compromise with the food because your health is the support for achieving destination and taking you to the destination safely and reliably is our aim.
On a CAMPING TREK we provide three tasty, plentiful and nutritious meals daily with a variety of local and western dishes. Breakfast consists of a choice of porridge, muesli and cereal followed by omelet, fried or scrambled eggs with chapattis or bread. Lunch is a selection of salad, cooked vegetable dishes, pasta and traditional breads. Dinner is a hearty 3 course meal soup, followed by a variety of vegetable, meat, rice and pasta dishes and completed with a simple dessert. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also provided at all meal. Boiled water is served for drinking. 

Teahouses offer a variety of rice and noodle dishes, as well as soup and seasonal vegetables. A variety of cereals, bread and egg dishes are generally available for breakfast. There will also be plenty of snacks available such as biscuits, chocolate and soft drinks and in some areas you will find fresh fruit in season. You can buy packaged water (bottled mineral water) from local lodge and shop en route or you can also ask your guide to fill your water bottle with boiled water and treat with water purification pills

L. Can we get safe drinking water on the trek ?
For your good health, in Gap trek our guide will recommend you the source of safe water on the way with the water purification pills and even you can buy in some place. In the camping trek our crew will boil the water with required procedures.

M. What is the overnight accommodation like ?
In the major cities you will be provided with luxury hotels to middle class hotel as you choose to stay in. With our camping trek you will be sleeping at the tent. We endeavor to stay in the best possible accommodation along the way, you should be aware that most Tea house, particularly in the smaller villages, are quite basic. The bedrooms are usually very small, the shared bathroom facilities are often outside and meals are served in a communal dining hall. Although simple, the Tea house do provide shelter and warmth and are normally run by friendly local families. Tea house treks are less expensive then Camping trek and are largely suitable for small group. Usually during busy seasons if private rooms in smaller villages are fully occupied you might have to sleep in dormitory.

N. How fit do I have to be for a high trek ?
If you don't have any problems with breathing in high altitude and can walk without a problem or pain in your bones and body you are fit for a high altitude trek. Follow your daily exercise and a warm-up exercise you are fit for the trek.

O. How to manage equipment while trekking ?
In our camping trek you will be provided will all the necessary equipment during your trek and for the Tea house there is no requirement for. If you will be willing to take some interested equipment you will be made available if possible or you may buy.

P. Can you help us with our domestic or international flights ?
Yes we are working with many travels and tours agents. We can help you with ticketing with a reliable company. 

Q. Is land transport comfortable ?
According to requirement we provide different types of vehicles suitable with for the nature of road. Yes the transport is comfortable and available in different styles and with accommodation. According number of guests and their interest it may vary.

R. How much should I budget for tips ?
You can decide yourself as much as you want to according to the service and satisfaction you achieve. normally 15 percent is considered to be but you are not forced to with the tips.

S. What about emergency cases and who will be responsible for it ?
Helicopter will rescue you but you should have to have travel insurance which include helicopter evacuation expenses. We recommend all our clients to have one because no one knows what is going to be with time even when we are confident, In case of emergency our guide will inform us and we will bring helicopter and bring down to hospital with the help of your insurance paper that you will left with us in Kathmandu before any adventure.

T. Is it possible to change the place of night stay ?
Yes, you can change the place for you night stay different from the itinerary with the talk with your guide please note we recommend best with the available nearby, 

U. Are the room booked on the way to trek ?
At the palace with communication we do as you confirm the trip but on some part we send our porter 2-3 hour before you for doing so. 

V. Can we change some palace to visit or not to ?
The guide will take proper care of your decision if it can be changed or not if possible and if it don't hamper the other day, yes of course you can.

W. Do you allow us to change the itinerary ?
If your changes are not affecting the days of trek and if your changes are reliable and beneficial you can consult with guide and make a decision. As your trek is with the remote sites we will have to say no to some of the less security area and restricted areas.

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