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"Vegetarian" Tsum Valley

Himalaya mountains around, and you in the center! It would seem like heaven and earth is the same.Not Only for outside visitors, the person who grew up in northern Gorkha like the founder of Adventure Pilgrims Trekking, Mr. Govinda Prasad Panta, no matter how many times they have reached Tsum valley, they will be astound with joy.

Tsum Valley is not only wealthy naturally, but also a wealthy cultural area. The cultural speciality of Tsum valley is that there is no violence against the animals.

Generally, two weeks to three weeks will be suitable for hiking to Tsum Valley, located in Northern Gorkha.Arrival of tourists have been growing this year in the Tsum valley, which is in domestic demand for foreign tourists.

According to observations from people who have been to Tsum valley have described Tsum valley has as much as natural beauty and words are not enough to describe it. However, the local people here, who are suffering from much attention of the state, should pay more attention to the tourist development.


The Government has opened the trekking for Manaslu Region since 1995, before taht it was prohibited to entry to foreigners.

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